Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tim Holtz Dies Update

Hi everyone!  Hope yall have had a great weekend! 
I wanted to update everyone with the Tim Holtz Dies.   THEY are not all in as of yet.  Manufacturer's fault I am told but never the less I still don't have them all and the folders none at all.  I will be happy to refund anyone who wants a refund.  I want you to know I did the pre order the way I was told to do it in order to get them as soon as they came out.  What they didn't tell me is that they were hit and miss with what the manufacturer was sending to them. 
This has been my first CHA experience and I really think they could use some improvements.  If you give a date have them ready!  I personally think they should have had them in stock before CHA ever happened.  I am sure that they had some ready but no where near what they needed.  I am trying to order them from two different companies now so hopefully between the two I will get them in soon.  I am even going to hit my local stores tomorrow to see if they have any of the ones I need to complete my orders.  I will give an update again in a couple of days.
Again I am so sorry yall have had to wait on your dies.

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