Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Merry Christmas "Special" on my new Recipe Mini Kit below!

Just wanted to make everyone aware that I have lowered the price on the recipe mini album kit, "Sprinkled With Love", that I have recently put up for sale on the blog.
God Bless. and I wish for you all a very Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Very First Mini Album!! Yaayyyy!!!!!

This is officially my very first mini album!!!! I am sooo tickled about it!!

I made this album from the "25 Days of Christmas" Kit for some very special peoples :) Also I have added an update to the "kitz." I added some more items that I felt was needed to the kit after making the album :) So, take a quick look at the video and let me know what ya think! Thanks for stoppin' by :)
 ***See entire kit in the videos below :)***

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What are you most excited about this Holiday Season??!

Hello Everyone!!!
As I was surfin' the net checking out some of my fav sites this morning I came across a topic of discussion that asked the question, "What are you most excited about this December??" This was my brief reply, "I am excited this December because I have accomplished so much more this year in my paper crafting than ever before. I used to be a paper and embellishment collector, now I am a scrapbooker!! wwoooo hoooo!!! It feels good!" Because it was a retail site I did not name my accomplishments specifically, but I can here :) I am excited as well as thankful that I had the courage and ambitions to start this small, but very rewarding little kit biz that I am presently working my tushie off to get it off the ground because I want it to become so much more than just selling "Kitz". I am presently planning a number of things, as well as an exchange club if I find any interest :) But before I say any thing else I would like to give honor to some of those who have inspired and motivated me to put into action some of the things that bounce around in my little brain :) Marion, from "A Piece of Craft" was a great inspiration to me not only on my creative side, but she also inspired me to the point that I said, If she can do all she does with a family, Well... so can I!! So, I did!! and here I am now :) Thank you Marion!! I know you have inspired, and continue to inspire a great many people other than myself as well.  Of course there are many, many more of you wonderful ladies who have jolted my creative side as well as ooooed and aahhhed me with your creativity, and for your sharing your mini albums, cards, and techniques with the whole crafting community I thank you from my heart :) You have all been a constant inspiration to me :) Thank you all so very, very Much....
I hope you all have a pleasant holiday season no matter how busy or hectic it may become, always keep in the back of your mind you can at some point grab you a cup of your favorite beverage, sit down in front of your computer, tune into YT and watch your crafting friends as they share some of their beautiful creations with the rest of us :)
A million thanks ladies....