Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Have A "NEW Blog & a NEW NAME!!!"

...and it is, "The Scraps of My Life" by Julie.
It seems that trying to do business from two seperate cities has become a little confusing and a bit overwhelming for me at this time. So Barbara is going to run the store and her store blog under it's present name and I have re-named my part of the business. "The Scraps of My Life Blog" will be a seperate entity from "Life On the scrappy Side" from now on and I wanted to make everyone aware of this new change.
"The Scrappin' Hot Dealz" will move to my new blog as well as will my "Youniquely You Scrappin' Kitz". The Scrappin' Hot Dealz will be posted on the new blog starting Sunday the 28th for next weeks Special!!
Please do not mis-understand this seperation of the business, it just works better for me at this time. I do appreciate everyone's support in the past as well as during and after this small transition.
Thank you so very much.

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  1. Julie, I really like the new name and I can understand how hard to operate under 2 business under same name. Good luck in everything you do and the name is a great one.